Product Rollout Controls

Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated

The Product Rollout Preparation page allows an administrator to decide which Talent Development standalone features managers and employees have access to.

You can decide when the features will be available in the menu for 3 types of user roles: Employee, Manager, Admins. It still gives you the option of switching the feature off entirely (for Paycor TD standalone users).

To access the controls go to Organization Settings > Product Rollout

Depending on the features you have enabled you can select, which type of user will have access. The options are:

Nobody - will remove the feature from everybody's menu, but will let Admins enable when needed. Use case example: You want to properly setup your templates, or need your teams to step away from a feature while you're preparing.

Admin - Only Admins will see the feature on their menu. Use case example: This can be good for Reviews or when Careers are at an early stage.

Admin & Manager - Only Admins and Managers will see it on their menu. Use case example: You want the Feedback feature only available for Managers and HR Admins.

Admin, Manager & Employee - The entire organization has access to the feature and will be displayed on their menu.