Navigating the Performance Dashboard (Homepage)

Paycor Legacy Support

May 22nd, 2024 Updated

Table of Contents

The Performance Dashboard homepage dashboard provides a snapshot of things that need your attention.

The page will give you a welcome and will let you know how many weeks remain in the quarter (as set by the administrator under "business cycle"), with a nudge to set a new objective.

The upper section gives you quick access to some of the most common quick actions to: Check-in to an objective, schedule a 1-on-1, recognize someone, or request feedback for yourself.

The left panel in the dashboard will display items that need your attention, based on your objectives, recognitions, 1-on-1s, and feedback, with notification cards that will give you the option to take action or dismiss each card if no action is required.

The right panel will display the Activity Feed, which will display the latest public actions that include Recognitions, Objective check-ins, and Posts within this performance system. If you are a manager, right above some quick team insights will be displayed there for each of your direct reports. Click here for more information on the Team Insights dashboard.

Other Functions

If you want to make the feed more specific, you can use any of the filters to quiet down the notifications in the feed.

If you don't have an internal notification system, feel free to use the Post function for public announcements.