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May 8th, 2024 Updated
In the upper right hand corner of your Paycor Scheduling account, you'll notice the Me button. Clicking this button will reveal different options that are based on your User Role. For example, the Me button will reveal the My Account option, but this is normally restricted to an Admin level user. This article will be focusing on the My Profile page, so go ahead and click that option now.
NOTE: You will only be able to REVIEW most of the information throughout the profile pages, NOT make ADJUSTMENTS. This is something that is, in most cases, the responsibility of a Manager level user, or higher. Please coordinate any necessary changes with your management team.
Profile Details
Once the My Profile option is clicked, you will land on the Profile Details page by default. Here, you can review / adjust your Basic Information, Contact Information, Change your Time Zone and more.
To the left, you'll notice that the My Profile section has its own navigation menu, consisting of several pages. Let's move over to the Availability page.
The Availability page displays a time table that illustrates the times that you're Available, and the times that you're Unavailable (Weekly Availability). The white cells indicate that you're Available. The red cells indicate that you're Unavailable. No matter what this time table looks like, it will repeat every week, and will continue to do so until it's changed. Availability directly impacts how you're scheduled.
If you require a bit more flexibility, you can click the Add Custom Availability button in the upper right hand corner of the page (see the Add Custom Availability button in the image above). Custom Availability allows you to select a specific date, or date range, along with the time that you will be unavailable to work. In comparison to the time table, Custom Availability is meant to illustrate one time specific days / times, rather than weekly, and repeating.
NOTE: Both Weekly Availability, and Custom Availability, are configurable by Admin level users. If Availability has been disabled by an Admin level user, you won’t be able to set your Availability, as the Availability page will not be accessible. If you do not have access to the Availability page, you'll want to reach out to your management team for further assistance.
The Jobs page will display all of your currently assigned Jobs, along with their respective departments, locations, and more. You will either be assigned to one Job, or multiple.
Schedule Rules
Next up is the Schedule Rules page. Here, you can review your current scheduling limitations. For example, you may be limited to a set amount of workable hours per week, or maybe a set amount of shifts you can work per day.

Notification Preferences

As the name implies, this page will allow you to choose what notifications you want to receive, and how you receive them. You can receive notifications directly to your email address, or you can receive notifications via SMS (assuming this feature is a part of the Paycor Scheduling subscription).



Your management team are able to add certificate information you may, or may not, be required to have available. These certificates usually have an expiration date, so your management team can be notified of any upcoming certificate expiration dates.



The Time-Off page displays a number of things, including any PTO policies you're assigned to, the amount of hours you've taken off (in a graph form), Rejected / Approved / Pending requests, and more. You will also be able to request time-off on this page by clicking the Request Time Off button in the upper right hand corner.




We want to hear about your great ideas. If you have a feature request, enhancement suggestion, or improvement, let us know by submitting them to to our Ideas page. Your submission can receive votes from other Paycor Scheduling users, or you can vote on ideas yourself. Simply click the ADD A NEW IDEA button below to check it out.