Creating / Editing / Deleting Locations

Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated

To create a new Location, navigate to the Settings (gear icon) - Locations - Locations page using the main navigation menu found on the left hand side of the account.


Next, to initiate the location creation process, click the + Add Location button found in the upper right hand corner of the Locations page.


Clicking this button will display a number of fields that can be filled in, some required, some optional. Below is a list of the fields, what they are, which are required, and which are optional.


  • Location Name
    • The name of the Location.
      • Required

Below this field are two options that can be ticked.

The Set As Default Location option will make the Location being edited the Default Location. When jobs are being added / edited, this is the Location that will be selected by default. Additionally, this will be the Location that is viewed by default via the Schedule page.

The Set As An Inactive Location option will mark the Location being edited as Inactive. Once the Location has been marked as Inactive, the Location will not be displayed via the Schedule page, or able to be selected when creating / editing jobs.

  • Location Code
    • If your company assigns locations codes, you can include that code here. When generating specific reports, the Location Code can be included for more visibility.
      • Optional
  • Country
    • The Country of the Location.
      • Optional
  • Address Line 1
    • The address of the Location
      • Optional
  • Address Line 2
    • An additional field for the locations address.
      • Optional
  • City
    • The City of the Location
      • Optional
  • State
    • The State of the Location (only able to be selected if a Country has first been selected).
      • Optional
  • Zip Code
    • The Zip Code of the Location.
      • Optional
  • Phone
    • The phone number of the Location.
      • Optional
  • Time Zone
    • The Time Zone of the Location.
      • Required
  • Notes
    • Here, should you choose, you can enter any necessary notes regarding the Location.
      • Optional

Below this section is the Shift Distance section. This is where you'll be able to add a Geo Address indicating the exact address of the Location. This can then collaborate with the Geo Address of staff member locations, and display the distance between where a staff member lives, and the Location. For more information on this feature, click the link below.

Geo Address & Shift Distance


The last section is Hours of Operations. This is where you can define the Open Time / Close Time of the Location. This will directly affect the Schedule page, and successfully scheduling staff members. Also, keep in mind that these hours are based on the Time Zone of the Location being edited.


Once you're satisfied with the configuration of the Location, and you're ready for the changes to go live, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


To edit an existing Location, simply click the options button (three dots) found to the far right of the Location row, and click the Edit button. You can also Delete a Location by clicking the Delete button below Edit, or you can tick the box to the left of the Location row, and click the trash can icon.




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