360 Feedback: Build and Share Reports

Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated

Building a Shared 360 Report 

When responders begin to answer the 360 feedback surveys, you will be able to begin curating the responses and drafting up a report.

Reminder: This report will be shared to the recipient, or the individuals you have asked others to provide feedback on behalf of.


Click Start building now.

In the report builder, you have the ability to:

  • Write an introduction
  • Decide whether or not to include an entire question (or topic)
  • Decide whether or not to include the responses in each question (or topic)
  • Add your own notes to each question (or topic), as well as add an introduction and conclusion to the report

Note: If you uncheck “Include topic in report,” the entire topic (and any responses) won’t appear in the final report. If you uncheck the question itself on the top left of each box that says “Select responses to include” you can include or exclude all the feedback responses in the final report.

Even if you exclude all the feedback from others in the final report, the topic will still be included in the final report, along with anything you’ve written in the Notes box. In this way, you can use the Notes box to paraphrase the feedback that others have submitted, if you want to summarize all the feedback using your own language.


When you are building out the report, you can click Save and continue later to keep the report as a draft.

You can get back into building the report by clicking on Edit draft.

Sharing a 360 Report 

When you are ready to share your report, click 'Share my report'. Do not click this until you are ready for the recipient employee to see the results of their 360.

Viewing a shared report

After sharing a 360 report, you will automatically be taken to the report viewer. You are able to edit the shared report should you wish to do so. The recipient will be notified that there is a report available to view and their view will be identical to your shared report.