Sample Core Values and Badges

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May 8th, 2024 Updated

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Taking Initiative
Extending your skills to new opportunities or involvement of others to generate ideas, strategize, & collaborate.

Went beyond the call of duty to ensure the customer's voice was heard, their needs met, and their success assured.

Paying attention to detail, understanding priorities, and consistently delivering top notch results to inspire yourself and yours.

Empowering/Being a Coach/Lending a Hand/Coaching/Leadership
Supporting others' individual strengths and abilities, providing tools and learning opportunities so they can grow and improve.

Innovation/Creativity/Being an Idea Cook
Expressing creativity and wonder, creating an environment that supports expression of opportunities and outside-the-box thinking.

Demonstrated genuine empathy and a desire to make life easy and better for our team or our customers.

Growth/Taking Risks
Constantly learning and driving creative ideas to embrace personal development and bring best practices to the organization.

Being creative, taking effective action, and making things happen while wearing multiple hats.

Delivering high quality outcomes or solutions with agility.

The Little Things
Because everything helps and nothing goes unnoticed.

Thank You!
For lending a hand for the betterment of the entire team!

Supporting one another and honouring different opinions and perspectives to stay collaborative for the betterment of successful outcomes.

Encouraging an environment where everyone can feel free to take risks and communicate openly without fear of repercussion.

Creating profound experiences that invite people to learn through experimentation and wonder, provoking thought and inspiring actions.