Getting Started with OKRs Checklist

Paycor Legacy Support

May 22nd, 2024 Updated

Table of Contents

This checklist provides a high level overview of key areas for you to consider for rolling out OKRs. Click on the links for a detailed description of each step. You can view the full guide here: Getting Started with Your OKRs Program.

You can download a PDF version of the checklist to keep track of your progress here: [OKRs Checklist]

Note: OKRs are only available on Talent Development Pro or Standalone Talent Development.



  1. Watch the OKRs feature walkthrough and read the job aids
  2. Familiarize with OKR method and approach
  3. Assemble your OKR Project Team
    1. Who are the Project Owners, Executive Sponsors, Champions and Super Users in this process?
  4. Determine your OKR cycles and cadences
    1. Setting Goals: Will your company goals be annual and when will they be kicked off (I.e. fiscal year start? Calendar year start?)? Will Teams and Individuals be creating quarterly OKRs?
    2. Maintaining Goals: What is the expected check in cadence for goals? Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or up to the individual? What is the expected check in template (i.e. what are they updating beyond their KRs in the textbox?)
    3. Closing Out Goals: What is the close out template and process? What reflections do you want to trigger? Will you have OKR retrospectives?
  5. Plan your Rollout (example questions below)
    1. Do you intend to roll this out Company Wide or just to a subset or pilot group?
    2. Will all departments be involved (i.e. mandatory) or just those that are interested (i.e. voluntary)?
    3. Will all individuals also be required to have OKRs or will this just roll down to the team / department level?
    4. Will goals be designed to be Stretch goals or Committed Goals (or a combination)?
    5. What is your launch date?
    6. When will you rollout training?
    7. What meetings need to take place to make this happen and when? (tip: work backwards from your launch date)
  6. Rollout Communication and Training
    1. Have your Company OKRs been communicated effectively?
    2. Do people understand the “why” when it comes to OKRs and the need for them?
    3. Are people familiar with the platform and how to use it?
    4. Are people comfortable attempting to write their OKRs for the quarter?
    5. Is there adequate training both in the platform and regarding the OKR approach, support material and channels available for Managers and Employees to troubleshoot or reach out to for support?
    6. Are your OKR Champions and Managers equipped to coach others on OKRs?