Tips On Getting Started With Recognitions

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May 22nd, 2024 Updated

Launching Recognitions

This feature is designed to encourage people to recognize one another --to give "kudos" or "shoutouts", for the work they do and choose a company core value that has been exemplified by the recipient of the recognition in real time.

1. Determine Your Company Core Values

  • Company core values set a standard of conduct for all employees to aspire to exemplify and they are intimately connected to the company’s vision and mission. If you haven't had a chance to identify those core values, this can be a great opportunity for the organization to have an internal look at what you are all about. Identifying and defining these core values often begins with the founders and executive teams but also could include other members of the organization. Identify who would be the best person to spearhead this process.
  • Choose images or icons that best represent each value and its meaning. Personalize them as much as possible!
  • Describe what the value is in a simple and clear way. Use examples of how they can be expressed in actions (e.g. Excellence: Paying attention to details, pushing the boundaries...., etc.).

2. Cadence for Recognitions

  • Real time and in the moment is recommended for Recognitions. They should be given at the time of observing the behavior or as close to this as possible. It is important to review the culmination of these recognitions in your Performance Reviews where you have the functionality to pull this information into the Review feature. 

3. Ways to Use This Feature

  • Incentives. The system will tally the number of recognitions received in a given time period (quarter, month, year). You can celebrate those who received the most on each value or were most recognized overall with a gift card or another award (some organizations even use a little trophy or memento).
  • Department Values You can set up departmental values focused on the type of behavior you want your team members to demonstrate that may be more specific to the work you do or is related to a focus area.
  • Sync to visible channels: You can create a channel where recognitions can be posted from your internal communication channels. This can create further engagement and opportunities to celebrate in your own way. This also allows others to interact and engage with them by commenting and liking as they come through in real time.
  • Pull into Reviews conversations: You can pull in the recognitions someone received and gave during a period. Pulling in all recognitions that have been received into a Review is also encouraged as it highlights the capacity of people to be supportive and encouraging to one another.

4. Training & Communication

  • Communicate. Recognitions can be visible on TV monitors, shared and celebrated during Town Halls and company meetings and can be tied to rewards and incentives. As mentioned above, it is really valuable to pull these into the review process or as part of growth conversations to highlight strengths and culture contributions that people make in their work.
  • Train & Provide Support. When you rollout your Values frameworks, make note of the behaviors that are aligned to your core values and ensure people understand what they mean so they can recognize this in action. Don’t forget to reinforce with your Managers that they should role model the behavior to make it visible and encourage more recognitions.

For instructions on how to set up or configure Recognitions in the platform visit this link.