Check-in: Update Progress of a cascading SMART Goal

Paycor Legacy Support

May 22nd, 2024 Updated

Updating progress on an objective with a check-in is a simple process


Places to Check-in

Updating (or checking in) can be initiated from many places in the app. The simplest place to start a check-in is from the landing page. There is a quick action bar below your name where you can start a check-in from.



Alternatively, you can go to Objectives > Overview, click on an objective name to navigate to the Objective Detail page, and click ‘Check in’.


And finally, the Quick check-in page is an efficient way to check in to all of your objectives easily in one go. This includes objectives you are an owner or stakeholder of. Access the quick check-in page by navigating to it in the Main navigation bar, and bookmark the page for easy access next time.



How to Complete a Check-in

Once you start a check-in, there are three key areas to fill out:

Progress: enter the values that have changed since the last check-in

Status: update the status (on track, off track, no status)

Message: write a brief summary of what’s happened on the objective since the last time you checked in

Easily reference past check-ins

Finally, click ‘Check in’ to submit your updates. The overall progress of the objective will change based on the updates to the progress you made in that check-in.