BambooHR: Exporting Hours

Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated
Once you've established a connection between your Paycor Scheduling account and BambooHR account, you're now ready to export hours via the Payroll Report page. Let's head over to that page now.
The payroll data export is on demand so you will be required to manually export hours from Paycor Scheduling to BambooHR each pay period. To do so, choose a date range, the staff members to be included in the report, click the Generate button, then Export To BambooHR.
Once the Export To BambooHR button is clicked, the payroll information will be sent over to your BambooHR account, and you'll receive an email with the results of the export. Within your BambooHR account, the exported payroll information can be reviewed via the Reports page. The report in question is called the Time Tracking Summary Report.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Only approved hours will be taken into consideration when exporting payroll data from Paycor Scheduling to BambooHR. With that being said, ensure that all Timesheets page entries have been approved prior to exporting payroll data from Paycor Scheduling to BambooHR.



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