Viewing / Adjusting PTO Balances

Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated
Once a Paid Time-Off (PTO) Policy has been created, it will be displayed via the Time-Off & Availability - Policies page. You can click on the Policy name to edit it. Alternately, you can click the options button (three dots) to edit the Policy, or Set / Adjust Balance.
Clicking the Set / Adjust Balance button will bring you to a page listing all of the staff members that are assigned to the Policy, their Status (Active / Inactive), and their current Balance.
Clicking the pencil icon will allow you to adjust the Balance of each staff member assigned to the Policy. You can Add / Remove Hours, and give a Reason for the adjustment.
NOTE: Keep in mind that if you want to remove hours, as seen in the image above, you will want to ensure that you enter a - in front the amount. Otherwise, you will be adding a + amount.
Should you choose to adjust balances for multiple staff members at once, you can do so by ticking the boxes to the left of each staff member name, then clicking the pencil icon at the top.
On the same page, clicking the options button (three dots), you can remove staff members from the Policy (removing staff members from a Policy cannot be undone, and their Balance will be 0), mark staff members as Inactive on the Policy, view their Time-Off page, and view their Accrual History.
Clicking the View Accrual Details button will display all Policy, as well as manual, adjustments made to the staff members Balance. You will be able to see the Date of the adjustment, the Adjustment Amount, the current Balance, and even a Reason for the adjustment.
Staff members are able to view their Balance(s) via the Me - My Profile - Time-Off page. The remaining Balance will be displayed, as well as how many hours that have been used.



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