FAQ: Retired Collections

Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated

Why are some Verb collections retired?

Verb’s Product Team is always improving the quality of learning experiences on Verb. As part of that effort, the team retires collections that do not deliver the best possible learning experiences.


How do I know if something is retired?

If a collection is retired, you’ll see Retired noted in the collection title. If you visit the collection page, it will be gray and you won’t be able to access the activities from that page.


Can someone still do a retired collection on Verb?

After collections are retired, they are no longer available to complete on Verb. However, many of the activities in retired collections are now part of shorter collections in Verb. On a retired collection’s overview page, you’ll find recommendations for collections featuring Verb’s latest learning experience design that you can use instead.


Can I recommend a retired collection or put one in a pathway?

No, you cannot recommend retired collections or put them in pathways. You’ll want to find another collection in Verb’s catalog to use instead. 


In the past, I included a collection that’s now retired in a pathway. Is the retired collection still in this pathway?

No. When collections are retired, they are removed from pathways. Verb communicates with admins before retiring collections so they have a chance to replace retired collections with that feature Verb’s latest learning experience design. 


What if a retired collection was an important part of my Verb program or pathway? 

Reach out to your Verb Customer Success team. Our team can work with you to find the right solution. 


If someone completed a retired collection, can they still access their responses or bookmarks? What about their badges/certificates for retired collections?

Yes, people can still access bookmarks they made in collections that have been retired. Also, they can access badges/certificates earned by completing these retired collections.