Understanding Verb's Units of Content

Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated


  • Bite-sized learning units that together form collections
  • Typically under 10-15 minutes
  • Variable modalities available, like videos and quizzes, but all include interactive elements that drive learning
  • Searchable on Explore page


  • Standard unit of content on Verb
  • Activities cover different aspects of learning cycle, some more focused on action, and others more towards reflection, practice, or knowledge
  • Searchable on Explore page
  • Can assign to team or recommend to individual


  • A longer learning journey on Verb made up of multiple collections and/or milestones
  • Configurable by Admin: choose Verb content, add events, tasks, etc.
  • Can assign to a team
  • Available on Home and Team pages