Creating & Editing Schedules

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May 8th, 2024 Updated

Creating / editing a schedule with Paycor Scheduling was designed to be as simple as possible. To access the Schedule page, hover over the calendar icon, and click the Schedule tab.


The filtering options in the upper left hand corner will allow you to display a specific staff member, Location, Job, Department, and more. Additionally, you can choose to exclude open shifts, only display scheduled vs. unscheduled staff members, etc. These options can be beneficial when managing a large team as it narrows down the amount of staff member schedules you're working on.


To create a new shift for a staff member, hover over the desired staff member row, and date column, then click the + Create Shift button. Enter a shift start time, end time, select a Job, and if necessary, a Department. Optionally, you can name the shift, which is called the Shift Label. Please see an example image below:

Additionally, by clicking on the Advanced Options button, the system will show you a more elaborate shift creation menu on the right side of the account, as seen below:


At the top of this menu, you can name the shift (Shift Label), always open shift creation in Advanced mode, choose the Date, start time, end time, shift color, Job, Department, Work Site, whether the shift should repeat, and any necessary notes. When you're finished creating the shift, click on the Save button to create a draft of the shift (this will not notify the staff member it's assigned to), or the Save & Publish button which will be a live shift (the staff member the shift is assigned to will be notified, and expected to work the shift). Below is an example of a saved shift vs. a published shift.


In order to edit an existing shift, hover over an existing shift, and click the Edit button. Once you do so, you can choose to edit in Basic mode, or Advanced mode.


Aside from editing shift information, you can also delete shifts, or send shifts to the Open Shift row. The Open Shift row is a row of shifts that have not yet been assigned to a staff member. They can be assigned to staff members later, or they can be picked up by staff members. This is something that must first be enabled, and is dependent on the availability, and details of the shift (Location, Job, Department, etc).


You can publish shifts individually by clicking the Publish button, or you can publish all of the shifts you're currently viewing by clicking the Publish - All Unpublished button.


For more information about the Schedule page, and pages associated with the Schedule page, please fee free to review the Scheduling Overview article by clicking here.



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