Managing Open Shifts

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May 8th, 2024 Updated
An Open Shift is a shift that is not assigned to a specific staff member. It can be assigned to any staff member that meets the requirements, or requested for pick up by the staff members themselves. Shifts that are picked up by staff members must be approved by a Supervisor level user, unless otherwise configured within the account. An Open Shift can include the following:
  • Shift Label
  • Date
  • Time
  • Job
  • Department
  • Work Site

Additionally, you can choose to repeat the open shifts for a duration of time, as well as determine how many open shifts should be in a single stack. For example, you can create five of the same shift, and it will be considered a stack. These shifts can be automatically assigned randomly based on availability, and shift requirements. Please see the example images below:




Creating an Open Shift is nearly identical to creating a regular shift, minus a few fields. You would simply click the + Create Shift button via the open shifts row, and enter the required information.
Once the required fields have been filled in, the open shifts can either be saved or published. Once the open shifts have been published, staff members, with the appropriate notifications enabled, will be alerted of the newly published open shifts, and can then choose to request for pick up. Open shifts can also be auto-filled. This is of course based on staff member availability, shift requirements, and ranking, which is covered in a separate article.
If you want to clear the Open Shift row, simply click the Clear Open Shifts button.
The available open shifts can be reviewed by staff members via the My Schedule page. They can click on the Show Open Shifts button to see a list of all the available open shifts that they're able to request for pick up.
When staff members request to pick up open shifts, Supervisor level users will be notified of any pending requests that require approval. This is of course assuming that notifications have been properly configured. To approve an Open Shift Request, navigate the account in this order:
  1. Requests
  2. Shift Pick Up
  3. Manage Requests

Once you're managing requests, you can click the check mark to approve a request, or the "x" to reject a request.





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