QuickBooks Online: Overview / Management

Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated
If you have QuickBooks Online account, you can connect it to your Paycor Scheduling account quickly, and easily. Once connected, you'll be able to transfer data between the two platforms smoothly. In order to configure the integration, you'll first need to be subscribed to an Advanced plan, then head over to the App Center page.
Next, locate the QuickBooks Online panel, and click the Connect To QuickBooks button.
A new window will appear requesting your username / password combination. Enter in the information requested to complete the connection.
You will now be able to sync Timesheets page data from Paycor Scheduling to QuickBooks Online, and sync employee information from QuickBooks Online to Paycor Scheduling. Keep in mind that the Role fields are what User Role is assigned to employees being synced over to Paycor Scheduling from QuickBooks Online. Make sure that everything is configured properly before syncing employee data.
When employees are being synced from QuickBooks Online to Paycor Scheduling, profiles are created automatically within Paycor Scheduling for the employees being synced over from QuickBooks Online. In order to export Timesheets page data, select a date range, make sure that the entries are approved, click the options button, then select the Export To QuickBooks option from the drop down list.



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