Open Shifts By Job Report

Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated

The Open Shift By Job Report provides you with a breakdown of all open shifts per job for the selected date range.


By default, all jobs are displayed for the current week. However you are able to filter for a specific job as well as select from a list of predefined date range or a custom date range.

There are several columns within this report that house the information. Below is an explanation of what kind of data is displayed for each column:

  • Job
    • The Job assigned to the Open Shift.
  • Date
    • The date assigned to the Open Shift.
  • Open Shift
    • The Start Time / End Time of the Open Shift.
  • Location
    • The Location assigned to the Open Shift.
  • Shift Title
    • The title (Shift Label) assigned to the Open Shift.


The data displayed through this report can be printed off, and / or exported as a PDF / CSV file. You can print / export the data by clicking the printer button, and / or choosing from one of the available export options after clicking the down arrow.




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