Admins: Reviews FAQ

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May 16th, 2024 Updated

Here are some common questions we get from admins when it comes to using Reviews. 

Admins and their own reviews

Admins can't approve their own reviews. They lose their admin rights when it comes to their own reviews, so they won't be able to see Private manager-only questions, for example.

What notifications do admins get when they need to approve a review?

Only when an admin is assigned to a review will they get notifications that they have reviews to approve. The notifications they will get are:

  • A home card on the homepage under “Items that need your attention” 
  • An email for each review they have to approve.

In the drop-down menu in reviews are all the launched reviews visible to managers and admins that can see the Progress and Results Tab?

Yes. If people click on the review title, the fields will be empty, unless they are assigned the ability to see the people’s data of that review (they are either their manager or an admin with content access rights). 

An admin has several reviews to approve but only some are showing up on their “My Reviews” tab. Why?

For each review an Admin has to complete, they will receive a home card and an email notification. It’s not until the employee submits their responses for the review, that the Admin will see it on their “My Reviews” page.

The intended behavior is for Reviews that need approval by managers or admins, to disappear from My Reviews after they have been fully completed. If they are sticking around on the “My reviews” tab it is likely that there is some action left to take on them. 

Finalizing a Review post 1-on-1 stage

If your review includes the 1-on-1 stage as the final stage of the review process, how does the review get fully finalized?

By default, if the manager finalizes the 1-on-1 stage, then the review will be automatically finalized.

If the employee finalizes the 1-on-1, the default permission is that they aren’t allowed to finalize the entire review fully, so the review will stay in the 1-on-1 state until an admin or manager finalizes it (from the review page or via the 'Progress and Results' page by moving the review forward). However, employees can only finalize the 1-on-1 if the 1-on-1 template being used allows the employee to finalize. You could choose to ensure to you use a 1-on-1 template where only the manager can finalize it and not the employee.

What do the email notifications look like?

Review Launched - Employee Input 

Review Launched - Managers are notified

Employee Input is done, ready for Manager Input stage

1-on-1 Discussion

After the Manager has Shared the Review Contents