Admins: Talent Attributes in Reviews

Paycor Legacy Support

May 22nd, 2024 Updated

The People Analytics feature set, includes tracking of key talent attributes to identify if an employee is ready for promotion, a flight risk, and if a successor has been identified for any role transitions. With talent attributes in Reviews, the app allows managers to update talent attributes from within a review, making for one simple workflow during the review cycle. 

Enabling Talent Attributes in Reviews

Enabling talent attributes in Reviews is easy: When creating a new review from the "Launch new review" page, simply enable the "Talent attributes" option in the "Manager" input stage. 

Here is what those options look like in the app:

Assessing Talent Attributes in a Review

When talent attributes are enabled in a particular review, they will appear in the "Management only" tab in the review along with any manager only topics from the review question template. This tab will only be visible to the manager and any managers or admins with content access for the reviewee. The reviewee will not see the tab or the content of the talent attributes.

Assessing talent attributes in the review is easy. Once on the "Management only" tab, a manager will see the "Talent attributes" section, along with the talent attributes available to assess. 

Each talent attribute includes the most recent assessment (if one was previously completed), and inputs to assess the reviewee's status for the current review cycle.

Note: Stand-in managers on a review that do not have content access to the reviewee's sensitive data will not see the talent attributes section of the management only tab. 


Assessment Visibility and Posting to the People Analytics Report

Once the manager has submitted their review input, the talent attributes assessments from the review will be posted to the People analytics report in the app's Reporting Center as the latest assessment. 

The management only tab and the talent attribute assessments will never been visible to the employee, and are only visible to the manager, anyone in the management tree, and admins with content access for the reviewee.