Overview to HRIS Sync Integrations: FAQs

Paycor Legacy Support

May 22nd, 2024 Updated

The following are common questions while setting up an HRIS integration. For additional information please see the original article: Overview to HRIS Sync Integrations.


Q: How do I know if the integration is working?
A: To see if the integration is working overall, head to the page for your HRIS integration. The word “Enabled” will appear in the top right-hand corner along with the last time the integration synced. If your HRIS integration was working and stops working, all admins will receive an email notification.

If you want to double-check if a particular person is syncing from your HRIS to the app, go to the People page and search for them. Anyone with a chain icon next to their name indicates successful syncing. Additionally from the People page, you could click the dropdown menu next to a person and select “Unsync from HRIS” or “Sync to HRIS”.

Q: Is there a way to force a sync or do I need to wait an hour?
A: From the Integrations page, click “Verify Settings” followed by “Update Integration” and the HRIS integration will manually sync. Don’t navigate away from that page until you see a fresh time and date stamp in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Q: What will happen to my data if the HRIS integration stops working?
A: All data will remain as-is from the last time the HRIS sync successfully happened. We do not delete data if an integration stops working in general.

Q: I have more questions about this integration; can your team help me setup my integration?
A: Our technical team is not resourced to directly help with integration setup, including getting on calls. We suggest using internal technical resources to set up your integration and if you encounter an issue, reach out to support with details about where you are stuck and what you are trying to accomplish. At that point, the team can asynchronously review your information and suggest the best next steps. Turnaround for these requests can vary from 1-3 weeks depending on the specific issue and our developer team’s resourcing.


Q: When will new departments start syncing?
A: Any new department will be synced from the moment it has any employees inside of it.

Q: Can a user belong to more than one department?
A: Our HRIS integrations currently only support syncing to one level of departments. There are no strategic roadmap plans to add this functionality. If needed, the workaround is to exclude the employee(s) who belong to 2 departments from the sync and manually add the other department to the employee's profile.

Q: How can I edit departments?
A: If you would like to make changes to departments after they are syncing from your HRIS, you can move departments around in-app, and they will stay where you moved them. Some customers have used this as a workaround for having two levels of departments.

For example, they will manually create the “parent department” directly in-app. Then, once the HRIS is syncing the departments, they will manually move all the appropriate departments underneath that parent department, thus creating a two-tier departmental structure.

Sync Types

Q: What are the risks of using the Normal Sync?
A: In rare cases, customers have enabled “Normal Sync” incorrectly which resulted in all users being locked out of the app at the same time. We recommend testing integrations with the least amount of users as possible, to avoid any unintended consequences.

Q: Will the sync filters deactivate a user if the condition isn’t met?
A: If a user is ignored by the integration, they do not get deactivated, only ignored from being synced to the HRIS.

Q: Who will be invited to the app when I turn on my integration? Will they receive any emails about this?
A: Any new users would typically receive an activation email welcoming them to the app and encouraging them to log in and get started. If you prefer not to send these out, please contact us so we can suppress them for your network while you are getting set up.

Deactivations & Reactivations

Q: A user is deactivated but I need to get some of their employee data exported, what should I do?
A: Go to People, select “Include deactivated users” and search for the user. Hover over their name and click the dropdown menu. Select “Re-activate and Sync”. Immediately find and export the data that you need to gather for them. During the next hourly sync, the user will be deactivated once again.

If you want access to their data longer than an hour between syncs, go the HRIS integration page in-app. Use their email to exclude them from syncing and then you will have full control whether they are a deactivated user or active user.

Q: What will happen to a performance review if someone gets deactivated or if their manager changes in the middle of a review cycle?
A: A deactivated user will be removed from any active reviews. An admin with content access can manually add them back to the review group. If a manager changes, an admin can manually assign a 'stand-in manager', i.e. switch managers for that person. Both of these are designed for no data loss.

Q: One of my users was deactivated and now they are missing data?
A: If a user was accidentally deactivated whether intentionally or not, we do soft-delete some of their data and would need an admin to contact support in order to restore it. We also don’t automatically re-provision deactivated users’ permissions, most notably admin permissions. If an admin needs to be re-instated as an admin, any admin with a golden key next to their name can do this.

Email Changes

Q: What do I need to do if a user changes their email within the HRIS?
A: Change their email to the new one within the work email field of your HRIS and with the next sync, it will update. If the user already has a user account (even deactivated) within the app associated with the new email, the syncer will ignore them. For example, sometimes a user might sign in to the app with their new email address before the email was changed in the HRIS (particularly with SSO signin), which results in two accounts created for the same user. Please contact us if you are still having problems with getting users to sync.

Q: We need to batch change users’ emails because they are moving to a child company or we were acquired and all our email domains have changed, how do I manage this?
A: Please send us a spreadsheet of the current emails and new emails. If there is a time frame this needs to be done we should know that as well. On average turnaround for these changes takes two weeks.

Q: We have another domain we want to sync users with, how do we do this?
A: Contact our support team for help adding additional domains.