Cancelling Requests

Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated

So a request was submitted, and approved, but you realize a mistake was made. Whether it be the wrong date, the wrong time, it's okay! You can simply Cancel the request. Unlike in the past, where a request could be removed by permanently deleting it from the account, canceled requests will remain visible within the account, and can be reviewed at any time. In order to cancel a request, head over to the Requests page by clicking the Requests tab in the top right hand corner of the account, and select one of the options from the list.


Once you're on the Requests page, find an Approved Time-Off request, and click the Cancel button to the far of a request that you're attempting to cancel as seen in the example image below.


Once the request has been successfully cancelled, the status will change from Approved, to Canceled. The request will then be considered inactive, and also available for review at any time.




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