Managers: Audit Log

Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated

Paycor Scheduling offers a lot of flexibility, and customization. User roles are no exception. In the past, being able to view the Time Tracking module Audit Log was restricted to an Admin level user. Now, this has been expanded to include Manager level users as well. Being able to easily review changes made to constantly changing Timesheets page entries is extremely important if you want to maximize efficiency. To access the Time Tracking module Audit Log, hover over the clock tab, located on the left side of the account, and select the Audit Log option from the list.


The Audit Log contains a large amount of useful information, including when a change was made, who made the change, the type of change it was, who the change applied to, the start / end time of a Time Clock entry, and much more.


To make things easier, there are several ways you can filter the data that's being viewed. This includes being able to view Time Clock changes for a specific staff members, date range, and several more!





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