Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated
If you're looking for a way to track the time spent on a specific project (job), would like to create an easy way to monitor time spent on a break (activity), or something similar, you can do so via the Activities page. Additionally, each Activity created can be marked as Paid, or Unpaid. To access the Activities page, hover over the Time Tracking tab (clock icon), and click the Activities button.
To create a new Activity, click the + Add Activity button.
You will be able to name the Activity, include a Short Description (for administrative purposes only), and determine if the Activity should be Is Break, or Paid.
Please note that the Paid option will automatically be selected if there's already an Unpaid Break Rule created, and active, within the account.
Once an Activity has been created, staff members will then be able to select it from a list, via the Time Clock page, while clocked in. Click the Start Activity button, and select an Activity from the list. Click the End Activity button to stop tracking time. Ending an Activity will not clock the staff member out.
The list, and each Activity created, is global. The list is accessible by everyone, and cannot be assigned to specific staff members at this time. The Activities can be reviewed, and edited, via the Timesheets page, under the Activities column.
A report can be generated for the Activities via the Reports page. This report is called the Activity Summary Report, and it can be found on the Miscellaneous panel.



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