Clock Locations

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May 8th, 2024 Updated
If you're looking for a way to restrict users to only being able to clock in / clock out using eligible methods, you can do so by creating clock locations. You can create one, or multiple. To create a Clock Location, you will want to navigate to the Settings (gear icon) - Timesheet - Clock Locations page.
Once on the Clock Locations page, you may, or may not, already have Clock Locations created. Regardless, click the + Add Clock Location button to create a new Clock Location.
Once a new Clock Location is being created, you will be able to name the Clock Location, and choose the Type of Clock Location that you're creating. There are three types of Clock Locations.
  • IP Address Range
    • This Type will allow you to define the IP Address Range of the Clock Location. If staff members are attempting to clock in / clock out outside of the range defined, they will be presented with an error message.

For more information on your IP Address, IP Address Range, and networking in general, please consult with an IT professional. They'll be able to assist you further.

  • This Browser
    • This Type will only allow staff members to successfully clock in / clock out when doing so via the computer, and browser, where the Clock Location is being created. This will save a cookie to the browser, and as long as said cookie is present, this Type will continue to work.

If you ever need to clear the cookies / cache of the browser that this Clock Location is saved to, keep in mind that the cookie mentioned prior will be deleted, and you will be required to recreate the Clock Location.

  • Phone Number

Finally, within the Settings, under Timesheet - Clock Preferences, there's an option that will need to be enabled to ensure that Clock Locations are mandatory for clocking in / clocking out purposes.





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