Platform Permissions

Paycor Legacy Support

May 22nd, 2024 Updated

Administrator Controls

Administrators can customize all organization settings in each one of the modules, they can control the activation and deactivation of user profiles, departments, and locations; set up integrations; create global templates; and create organizational objectives.

Admins have also access to the Reporting Page and the Programs feature

Administrators do not have content access granted. The level of content access is determined by the first Administrator that is often someone in HR who will have content-granting capabilities, also known as the Super-Admin.

Content Access for Admins

To find the list of Administrators go to Org. Settings>Administrators. Next to each Administrator's name will be the content-level permissions that each one has.

The Super-Admin is the one with the golden key icon next to its name and can assign the level of content access for other Admins. The Super-Admin can also give Super-Admin abilities to other Admins.

In the example above, Admins can be assigned to have content access for 'Everyone' or can be more specific to department(s), location(s), and user(s), or any other combination.

General User Access

In Talent Development standalone, general users have access to data they create and generate as well as activities in any of the features that are set as public, such as recognitions and objectives, and data they have generated by participating in 1-on-1s, their inputs on a Feedback or a Review. Users will also have access to finalized reports shared with them in a Feedback or Review process.

If the Career module is on, then users will have access to their role information and can also see role descriptions of roles they may be interested in exploring in the future.

Manager Access

In addition to normal user access and controls managers can:

  • Set departmental objectives (if applicable)
  • Access to participants-only objectives set by direct reports
  • Create 1-on-1 templates available to use by direct reports
  • Access to the reporting center
  • Access to the Team Insights dashboard

The following are permissions that can be changed by Admins that provide more controls to general users via Org. Settings:

  • Adding new users to the platform
  • Editing users' profiles
  • Editing department information
  • Creating department objectives
  • Allowing 1-on-1s to be done with everyone, or just the manager and reporting tree.
  • Email notification controls