Overview of Recognitions for HR

Paycor Legacy Support

May 22nd, 2024 Updated

Paycor's core HR service includes Recognitions (in place of Shout Outs). Recognitions positively reinforces your organization’s core values by giving your team members a place where they can recognize each other for their efforts and contributions as they connect to your company's core values.

Recognitions can be found under People> Performance. Once it opens the Performance Overview page, select Recognition (Me>Recognitions in the legacy menu).

Left Panel - Here the system will display the core values for your organization and the number of recognitions for each value within the timeframe. In the example above the recognitions are for Everyone in This Quarter. You can narrow what is displayed to be specific to a department, or a custom timeframe.

Use the Recognition Filters to change your view.

Top Panel - This will show you the summary of how many recognitions have occurred in your organization within a given timeframe. This will be responsive to your selection on the left panel. It will also show you who the Most Recognized people were.

Under each Core value, the name of the person with the most recognition will be highligthed.

Main Display - Also responsive to the Left Panel selection, this is where all the recognition cards will be shown, with the most recent ones displayed on top of the list.

Employees can interact with each recognition card by clicking the Like button or by writing a comment.

Notice that you can also use the "@" command to ping someone in your comment, and they'll be notified.

If you made a mistake and need to delete your comment or your recognition you have 1 hour to make that correction.

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