Overview of Talent Development Pro with OKRs

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May 21st, 2024 Updated

Talent Development includes Goal Setting with OKRs, 1-on-1s, Feedback and Reviews, plus Programs so you and your team can get aligned, remove barriers to success, adjust in the moment based on real-time feedback and pause to reflect on lessons learned to launch you forward, faster.  

It All Starts with Goals!

Goals, or Objectives as you’ll see in the application, are an outcome you are trying to reach. The best goals are aspirational and challenging, yet realistic enough for you to reach them with true effort.

Check out these Job Aids to get you started: 


1-on-1s are a great way for Managers and Team Members to build rapport, share successes, remove roadblocks and ensure the right things are being worked on at the right times. They can also be a great opportunity to provide constructive feedback in real-time so that performance can be enhanced on a regular cadence.

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Feedback can improve the communication loop between peers, teams, and the company. It can also facilitate a culture of self-improvement, team-development, and company-development. Team Members can request feedback for themselves, taking their careers in their hands, Managers can conduct 360 or peer-input feedback to provide a window into Team Member blind spots, and Admins can conduct company-wide feedback, so the team stays engaged.

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Recognition positively reinforces your organization’s core values by recognizing team members for the efforts and behaviours they display. When done right, core value recognitions can lead to great employee happiness!

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Great Reviews improve performance, and your organization can improve performance by having reviews that are data driven. Our Reviews feature pulls in all your performance data, so Team Members contributions are captured throughout the review period, not just at review time when biases creep in. It’s all about employee’s perception of fairness and equity when it comes to closing the feedback loop on performance and seeing performance improve. In reviews, you have lots of flexibility to craft the right review for the right time to create the right impact.

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Programs put your Continuous Management Programs on autopilot. You can create the box for your organization to play it and set the rhythm for when you want performance activities to take place.

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