Sentiment Analysis in Reviews

Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated

Sentiment Analysis is a new feature in Reviews that provides managers insights into how comments in their Performance Reviews may be perceived. It helps managers reflect on the message delivered in Performance reviews.

This feature gives managers a clear indicator of the sentiment expressed in their comments. When managers type comments, they see if their comments are:




Sentiment Analysis is only available for managers, and only managers see the analysis box.

How will managers see the sentiment analysis in a review?

The sentiment analysis feature will run automatically in the background and will be added under each response typed into an open-text question.

After the response has been made, the system will display loading dots in the lower left of the comments box, as it is autosaved in the review. The sentiment will then display its analysis. In the example below, the comment is mostly positive and neutral.

To shift the comment to a different tone, type additional comments or change the current comment. After the input is autosaved, the sentiment analysis will change to reflect the new tone of the comment. In the next example below, the comment is now 77% positive.

The green checkmark in the lower left of the comments box indicates the comment and the review have been autosaved.

You can also provide feedback on the sentiment analysis by answering the question Is this accurate? for each question. Click Yes or No to indicate whether the analysis is accurate. It will help improve our learning algorithm's accuracy.