Getting Started Checklist

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May 22nd, 2024 Updated

Table of Contents

As you start planning your implementation of Talent here are some key areas for you to consider for the rollout. Click on the links for a detailed description of each step. You can view the full guide here: Creating Your Internal Rollout Plan.

You can download a PDF version of the checklist to keep track of your progress here: [Implementation Checklist]

Here is a decision tree to help you see what steps you need to take during your implementation: [Decision Tree]


  1. Familiarize yourself with your Talent Development platform
    1. Talent Development Overview (Basic Goals)
    2. Talent Development Pro Overview (with Cascading Goals)
    3. Talent Development Pro Overview (with OKRs)
  2. Rollout plans for the first quarter
    1. Determine Expectations
    2. Determine Timing
    3. Determine type of launch (e.g. soft or hard launch, pilot groups vs organization wide etc.)
  3. Review the Getting Started documents to determine which features to roll out
    1. These will give more guidance on considerations for each feature to get your program up and running on Talent Development.
    2. Getting Started with SMART Goals (Basic & Cascading)
    3. Getting Started with OKRs
    4. Getting Started 1-on-1s
    5. Getting Started with Feedback
    6. Getting Started with Recognitions
    7. Getting Started with Reviews
  4. Assemble your project team
    1. Project Owners (admins)
    2. Champions (to assist in training & coaching)
    3. Senior & Executive Sponsor/s
  5. Establish milestones & measure success
    1. Program goals/milestones (include one for every feature e.g. reviews)
    2. Implementation goals/milestones
    3. Overall Future State for Talent Development Goals
  6. Communication & training plans
    1. Create a Communication Plan
    2. Create a Training Plan
  7. Evaluate, iterate and add on
    1. Gather success metrics and compare against milestones
    2. Identify gaps & iterate programs as needed
    3. Continue to next stage of the program & add programs to build your performance ecosystem