Shift Cover Requests

Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated

The Shift Cover feature is always available, and cannot be disabled at this time. Supervisor level users are able to manage these requests via the Requests | Shift Cover page.


While reviewing pending Shift Cover requests, you can review shift information, and make a decision on whether you want to approve a Shift Trade request, or reject a Shift Trade request.


To approve a Shift Cover request, it's as easy as clicking the checkmark button. To reject a Shift Cover request, click the x button. Both buttons can be seen in the images below:


Once a Shift Cover request has been approved, Paycor Scheduling will automatically move the shift from one staff member to the other via the Schedule page, and the staff members will be notified that their Shift Cover request has been approved. The same notification process will occur for rejected Shift Cover requests as well.



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