Department Leaders

Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated

Please note: This article only applies to standalone customers. This article does not apply to those who are integrated into the broader Paycor HCM platform.

Customers who are integrated with Paycor's HCM will have department leaders selected in the core platform. Any changes will automatically flow through to the Talent Development app.

Department leaders play an integral role in an organization, ensuring that their teams are productive and supported.

7Geese has recently implemented a feature that allows admins to specify which individuals are the department leaders for each department.

Currently, this feature has limited functionality, but more functionality will be added over time.

Assigning department leaders

To assign a department leader, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Departments page, located in the People section.
  2. Expand the department you'd like to mark a department leader in.
  3. Click the dropdown menu that appears while hovering your mouse over the individual you'd like to mark as department leader
  4. Select the "Mark as department leader" option

Unassign a department leader

To remove an individual as a department leader, follow steps 1-3 for assigning a department leader, then select "Unassign as department leader" in the drop down menu.

Functionality of the department leader feature

For individuals marked as department leaders, the following functionality is available:

  • Programs feature: Select department leaders as participants for a program (see Programs).