Shift Pick-Up Requests (Open Shifts)

Paycor Legacy Support

May 8th, 2024 Updated

By default, a Shift Pick-Up request will be sent directly to the staff members Supervisor for approval / rejection. If the staff member does not have a Supervisor assigned via the Profile Details Page, the request will need to be approved by an Admin level user.


To view, approve, cancel, or reject Shift Pick-Up requests, click on the Requests tab in the upper right hand corner, and select Shift Pick-Up from the drop down list. If there are pending Shift Pick-Up requests, a counter will be displayed to the left of the Shift Pick-Up text.


The Requests | Shift Pick-Up page will display a list of requests for a one month range, but you can easily adjust this by selecting a starting / ending date range using the calendar fields. Along this same row, any already approved requests, or requests that have been rejected / canceled, can be hidden by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the options seen in the image below.


Below, you will find a list of the columns that are displayed via the Requests | Shift Pick-Up page, and what each column represents. There are 6 columns in total.

  • Request Date
    • The date that the Shift Pick-Up request was submitted.
  • Staff Member
    • The name of the staff member that submitted the request.
  • Shift Details
    • The details of the shift requested to be picked up.
  • Message
    • You can require staff members to enter a note when picking up a shift. If a note has been entered, you can hover over it to read it.
  • Manager's Notes
    • If a request has been rejected, a note can be left here. Hover over the note to read it.
  • Status
    • The status of the request can be viewed here: Pending, Approved, Rejected.


To approve a Shift Pick-Up request, click the check mark button. To reject a Shift Pick-Up request, click the x button.


If a Shift Pick-Up request has been approved, the shift will be automatically assigned to the staff member that requested it. The staff member will then be notified via email of the Shift Pick-Up request approval. If the request has been rejected, the staff member will be notified via email of this as well.



Staff members can be notified of a request approval / rejection via email and / or text message (SMS). This is dependant upon how they have their Notification Preferences configured.


If you prefer to have Paycor Scheduling automatically approve  Shift Pick-Up request, you can enable the option to do so by navigating to the Settings (gear icon) - Schedule - Preferences page. On this same page, you can enable an option to require staff members to enter a note prior to submitting a Shift Pick-Up request.


IMPORTANT NOTE: When the Shift Pick-Up automatic approval option is enabled, Paycor Scheduling will approve the request of the first staff member that requests to pick up the shift.



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